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New Measures for Energy Saving and Environmental Protection of Cone Crusher in China

China crusher industry prospects for the development of a great, this industry has come to rely on the advantages of cheap labor and sacrifice the cost of extensive development stage, crusher is also an important industrial raw materials and energy production equipment, has now become China's key support industry. At present, the crusher industry should comply with the international low-carbon economy and develop new energy sources as an important measure to improve the production efficiency of their own equipment, reduce energy consumption and promote the energy structure of the crusher industry and even the adjustment of industrial structure. The new cone crusher currently on the market has the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, especially in line with the current situation of crusher industry.
The new cone crusher from the design, material selection, production and other aspects of environmental protection are walking routes, the current products include SMH series cone crusher, SMG series cone crusher, SMS series cone crusher and many other series. Among them, the SMH series cone crusher is based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology, based on customer needs, based on the principle of multi-broken crushing and crushing less wear and tear of the concept of R & D set high swing frequency, optimizing cavity and a reasonable stroke in one Of the modern high-performance hydraulic cone crusher, with broken large, high efficiency, high throughput, low operating costs, easy adjustment, the use of economy and so on.
The new cone crusher not only improves production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the range of applications, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to a variety of ore crushing, efficient completion of a variety of broken, crushing, ultra-fine crushing operations, is today's mine building Industry-replacement spring cone crusher and replace the general hydraulic cone crusher the latest generation of products.
Due to the continuous expansion of foreign trade in recent years, foreign crusher products have begun to occupy more and more domestic markets. Under the infiltration of the sustainable development of the world and the construction of a new industrialized road, the mining machinery industry in our country must shift from the traditional mode of production based on low-cost and cheap labor to the mode of modern production relying on science and technology and relying on innovation.



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