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The steady growth of the overall implementation of China heavy machinery industry

      Recently, Li Jian, executive vice president of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, said at the 3rd meeting of the 6th Heavy Machinery Association: In 2013, the heavy machinery industry overcame severe business conditions. Although the major indicators of economic operation declined slightly from the previous year, In general, the Company maintained a steady and sustainable development. In the first quarter of 2014, output of the heavy machinery industry maintained a steady growth with a sharp drop in investment and a decline in exports. The growth rate basically operated in the expected interval and the industry as a whole achieved steady growth.
     Overcoming difficulties in 2013
     By the end of 2012, industry experts issued an alert that "2013 will be a more severe year for the heavy machinery industry." It predicts a steady increase of 10% to 12% in the entire industry.
     In 2013, the entire industry actively responded, overcame difficulties, strengthened user tracking and strengthened internal management of enterprises.
     According to Heavy Machinery Association statistics show that in 2013, heavy machinery industry main business revenue 1.12 trillion yuan, up 10.8%, down 0.5 percentage points from the previous year. Among them, the metallurgical machinery industry grew 2.93%, an increase of 3.4 percentage points over 2012; mine machinery grew 10.8%; material handling machinery increased 12.5%.
     The export market has been developing steadily. A variety of ways of foreign trade led to the export of products. In addition to the traditional export of single and bulk products, the export of complete sets of equipment as well as complete sets of equipment and business of joint ventures, financing leasing and other service trade are gradually integrated into the project and the extensive cooperation among manufacturers, distributors, agents, financial enterprises and users The diversity of export methods.
     China First Heavy Machinery Group Corporation, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd., CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., North Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd., China Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. and other vanguard enterprises in foreign influence gradually Enhance.
     Heavy Machinery Association data show that in 2013, the export volume of heavy machinery exports and imports was 17.55 billion U.S. dollars, up 8.8% over the previous year and down 6.6 percentage points from the previous year while that of imports dropped 7.4%. Exports maintained their good momentum and the surplus continued to increase. Investment in fixed assets increased by 26.3% over the same period of last year, an increase of 17.5 percentage points, but still 19.1 percentage points higher than that of the national machinery industry. Compared with previous years, the growth rate of investment in fixed assets in 2013 has dropped significantly, but it is still at a high level.
     Enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading
     Heavy machinery industry has made new breakthroughs in major technical equipment: China Erqu Corporation successfully developed the world's largest 80,000-ton hot die forging press and put it into trial production; CITIC Heavy Industry has independently developed a 5-meter hard-rock joint boring machine; too heavy and Sinochem II built a hydraulic duplex gantry crane with a maximum lifting tower weight of 6,400 tons and a height of 120 meters.
     Industry in product upgrades, integration of two, energy-saving emission reduction has carried out fruitful work. In terms of product upgrades, many years of unchanged technology upgrading of old products is accelerating. Bridge gantry crane industry enterprises to adopt a joint or independent research and development, have carried out on the old product innovation, the formation of the industrial product upgrade boom. Beijing Institute of Crane and Transport Machinery jointly launched a large number of enterprises carrying out the lightweight overhead crane work has made progress.
     Industry actively introduce frequency control technology, remote control and information technology to speed up the upgrading of products to high-end technology. Industry-developed crane gearless box inverter drive main lifting device began to test the market in the water.
     Some enterprises producing electric hoist, after years of hard work, independent development of new electric hoist, the machine structure, transmission mode, processing technology has been improved.
   Washing machinery industry development to meet the needs of purification of high gradient magnetic separator, the scope of application expanded to the traditional field of metallurgy, building materials industry, including food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
   Some enterprises producing traditional jaw crusher, in order to meet the needs of urban construction and development, developed for urban construction waste crusher and mobile crusher unit.
     Li mirror pointed out that in the integration of the two aspects, the State Administration of Quality Supervision provides for the gradual installation of monitoring devices on the crane, the use of electronic information system equipment operation status uploaded to the quality supervision agencies for real-time supervision.
     Tiandi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. undertook the major project of intelligent manufacturing, "Coal Fully-mechanized Coal Preparation Equipment Intelligent System" was successfully developed and was accepted; Too Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. commitment to the "coal mining equipment complete sets of intelligent system development and demonstration application" Underground is undergoing industrial tests.
     Some enterprises in the process of technological transformation, pay attention to the integration of two. As in the roller flexible production line robot handling, positioning, welding and other processes have more than one, to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.
     2014 to meet the challenge
     In 2014, industries such as steel, aluminum, cement and coal in the traditional service sectors of the industry were carrying out capacity deconstruction. Existing equipment is not high, leading to weak demand. According to the current situation of some key enterprises to grasp the order situation, only a small part of the company orders to meet the full year orders, and the varieties are not balanced. Most small and medium-sized enterprises are mostly short-term contracts, with greater difficulties in production and operation.
     Li Jing said that at present, the main problems facing the operation of heavy machinery enterprises are that the growth rate of accounts receivable is larger than the growth rate of the main revenue; secondly, the delay in the contract and the delay in delivery lead to the rise of products, mainly metallurgy and lifting machinery Product; Third, the technical level of large-scale metallurgical rolling equipment and large forgings quality consistency needs to be improved.
     From the current understanding of the situation, the resource industry market downturn year after year, there has been no major change in the situation, resulting in lower user affordability, accounts receivable still showed an upward trend.
     Difficulties in business conditions, will result in professional and technical personnel, the loss of skilled workers, a direct impact on business development potential.
     Positive factors by confidence
     This year, heavy machinery industry is also facing such favorable factors as policy and market demand.
     In accordance with the national restructuring, the transformation and upgrading of the deployment of metallurgy, nonferrous metals, building materials and other traditional industries carried out to eliminate backward production capacity-based spare capacity to resolve the surplus, the industry's traditional market have a great impact. However, it should be noted that some enterprises are making efforts in the direction of meeting the requirements of the national policies and are also making necessary adjustments in product mix, product variety, quality improvement, production cost reduction, comprehensive utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction, and the extension of the industrial chain. The technical transformation, there is no shortage of incremental demand.
     Should be seen that this demand is generally formulated by a comprehensive solution to drive equipment orders, and a comprehensive solution to the shortcomings of traditional machinery manufacturing enterprises, it is precisely the research and design institutes transformed into the advantages of manufacturing enterprises.
     From the stock market, the demand for daily consumption of the overall change in the product is not large, which is precisely the special, special and refined products play an advantage of the stable market.
     The advent of new formats offers new opportunities for industry products to expand their service areas. Large-scale rail transit construction, urban garbage disposal, express delivery, warehousing and logistics, gravel aggregate preparation, coal gas conversion, marine engineering and other new industries required process equipment, some of the extension of the traditional product applications.
     With the gradual recovery of economies in Europe and the United States, the re-establishment of the real economy in the national economy, as well as the basic construction needs of developing countries, heavy machinery products in the international market will have more room for development. Demand for heavy machinery and spare parts in the international market will also grow.



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