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Analysis on Development Direction of China Mining Machinery Industry

In recent years, China's mining machinery industry has made unprecedented achievements, but it still faces the challenges of the advanced foreign manufacturers and the higher demand of China's rapid economic development. The next five years, or even 10 years, mining machinery technology growth will become the focus of the industry, but also mining machinery from quantitative change to qualitative change process.
In general, China in the 21st century has become a big country in the field of mining machinery and has attracted worldwide attention. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the development of world economic integration, competition in the domestic and international markets of mining machinery products as a major equipment has become more and more fierce. In the next period of time, it is the best time for our country to lay a solid foundation for the powerful mining machinery and, after several years of independent innovation, we will develop digitalization and intelligence. Ecological and pleasant mining machinery, to achieve high-end equipment, complete sets of major equipment to achieve the sublimation of mining machinery technology for improving mineral utilization, changing the high-pollution mineral processing high consumption of the status quo, and promote product restructuring to build a good ecological civilization and recycling The economy is of great significance. Xiao Bian summarizes the future direction of the development of mining machinery, the main points are as follows:
1, intelligent. Automated underground mining mining, sea mining, equipment health self-diagnosis.
2, digital. Product development, business collaboration, digital mine.
3, ecological. Green Design, Fuel Cells, Geothermal, Solid Waste Disposal.
The world today is in the third revolution represented by atomic energy, computers and automation, and its experimental technology. Design methods and design tools should be included in this historical trend. Therefore, only in accordance with the international and domestic mining machinery development trend in the design and technology make great efforts to comprehensively enhance the quality of mining machinery.
In the next 5-10 years, it is an important period for China's mining machinery enterprises to fully or deeply integrate into the world and develop with the world together. The development prospect of the industry is good. Mining machinery industry occupies the pillar position in the national economy, in the economic construction of the role and contribution to many. At present, no matter from the status quo of market development of mining machinery industry in our country, or from the perspective of the global industrial operation, China's mining machinery industry is in the midst of a historic window. It is estimated that by the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the sales volume of China's mining machinery industry will reach 900 billion yuan and the export volume will exceed 260 billion U.S. dollars.



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