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Hired international trade salesman, foreign salesman, foreign trade commissioner, e-commerce commissioner

Major: International Trade Major, International Trade Practice Major, English Major, E-Commerce Major
Age: not limited
Experience: unlimited
Salary: 3K ~ 6K
Welfare benefits: social insurance, commercial insurance, commission, holiday welfare, eight-hour working system, meal supplement, dialect supplement, transportation subsidy, public expense tourism, free training
Job responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company's trading business, the implementation of trade rules and market development;
2, Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotation and signing contract;
3, customer development and maintenance;
4, business-related information collated and archived;
5, the report of the relevant business work.

1, college degree or above, international trade, Russian related majors;
2, Familiar with trade operation procedure and relevant laws and regulations, possess professional knowledge in the field of trade;
3, with a high level of Russian language, a good level of computer operations, customs clearance and other related trade operation certificate priority;
4, with good business development skills and business negotiation skills, public relations awareness, with a strong dedication, teamwork and ability to do things independently, the courage to open up and innovation.

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